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ADAC Camping Awards: next Friday the event will be broadcast in live streaming from 7.20pm


As we anticipated last December 15, the cancellation of the “physical” CMT event in Stuttgart forced the organizers of the ADAC Camping Awards to switch to virtual mode. Thus, next Friday, January 14, starting at 7.20 pm the most important European event in the sector will be broadcast in live streaming.

Among the novelties of this 2022 edition, it should be noted the presence of Crippaconcept as partner of the event. It is the first time that ADAC Camping has been joined by a company in the sector. The two brands share a pioneering spirit, a vision of sustainable innovation and a sense of hospitality and style for the outdoors. Crippaconcept will present the ADAC Camping Award in the Innovation & Progress category.

An international jury of 40 experts selected the nominees for the ADAC Camping Awards 2022. The nominations for the campsites come from Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Croatia, and Austria. Candidates will compete in the four areas of Sustainability and Environmental Awareness, Innovation and Progress, Demographic Change and Accessibility, as well as, for the first time, in the ADAC Camping Booking Award. Uwe Frers, managing director of ADAC Camping, explains: “The award categories represent the four most important meta-trends in the camping industry, and we will showcase the industry’s trendsetters.”

To attend the ADAC Camping Awards 2022 just connect on Friday 14 January from 19.20 to this address: The list of campsites candidates for the four awards is instead published on this page.

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