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ADAC and ANWB: here are the best Italian campsites according to German and Dutch


As every year, the German ADAC and the Dutch ANWB have compiled the rankings of the best campsites in Europe. For Italy, each of the two associations has extrapolated the structures that have received the broadest consents.

ADAC has collected the evaluations of its users. “Camping and Italy are two words that go hand in hand,” writes the association. “German campers are attracted form ‘the boot‘ year after year, and certainly not since yesterday. But where exactly? We were curious and used our data to evaluate which Italian campsites were the most popular with PiNCAMP users in 2020”.

As for the ANWB, on the other hand, the rankings were obtained as a result of direct checks. “The ANWB is the only party in the Netherlands to carry out complete camping inspections in Europe,” they wrote. “The inspectors assess sanitary facilities, grounds, swimming, recreation and shops & catering. You can earn points with these ratings. Because many campers find sanitary facilities important, this counts more heavily in the final score. The maximum achievable is 5 stars. Campsites with this score receive the ANWB ‘Topcamping’ designation. They have beautiful toilet facilities, great grounds and lots of amenities”.

The only Italian structures to appear in both Top 10 are the Camping Village Marina di Venezia and the Camping Piani di Clodia, classified respectively in 3rd  and 4th place according to ADAC and 4th and 8thaccording to ANWB.

Here are the Top 10 Italian campsites according to ADAC/PiNCAMP campers’ ratings:

  1. Fornella Camping & Wellness Family Resort, San Felice del Benaco (Brescia)
  2. La Rocca Camping Village, Bardolino (Verona)
  3. Camping Village Marina di Venezia, Cavallino Treporti (Venice)
  4. Camping Piani di Clodia, Lazise (Verona)
  5. Centro Vacanze Pra’ delle Torri, Caorle (Venice)
  6. Union Lido Vacanze, Cavallino Treporti (Venice)
  7. Camping Seiser Alm, Fiè allo Sciliar (Bozen)
  8. Camping La Quercia, Lazise (Verona)
  9. Villaggio Turistico Internazionale, Bibione (Venice)
  10. Le Esperidi Village, Marina di Bibbona (Livorno)

And the Top 10 according to the opinion of the ANWB inspectors:

  1. Jesolo International Club Camping, Jesolo (Venice)
  2. Camping Vidor Family & Wellness Resort, Pozza di Fassa (Trento)
  3. Camping Village Garden Paradiso, Cavallino Treporti (Venice)
  4. Camping Village Marina di Venezia, Cavallino Treporti (Venice)
  5. Camping Village Dei Fiori, Cavallino Treporti (Venice)
  6. Caravanpark Sexten, Sesto/Moso (Bozen)
  7. Camping & Residence Sägemühle, Prato allo Stelvio (Bozen)
  8. Camping Piani di Clodia, Lazise (Verona)
  9. Camping Village Ca’ Pasquali, Cavallino Treporti (Venice)
  10. Camping Village Tahiti, Lido delle Nazioni (Ferrara)

The ANWB also has two other rankings, which concern “charming” campsites and smaller structures. The former are located in beautiful and idyllic places, with optimal enjoyment of peace, space and nature and personal attention from the campsite manager, with an eye for hospitality. The latter are campsites that offer a maximum of 60 pitches and are located in a quiet environment surrounded by nature.

The best “charming” campsites according to ANWB:

  1. Camping Seiser Alm, Fiè allo Sciliar (Bozen)
  2. Camping Passeier Meran, Saltusio (San Martino in Passiria, Bozen)
  3. Comfort Camping Tenuta Squaneto, Spigno Monferrato (Alessandria)
  4. Molino a Fuoco Camping Village, Vada (Livorno)
  5. Camping Kursaal, Passignano sul Trasimeno (Perugia)
  6. Camping Miravalle, Campitello Val di Fassa (Trento)
  7. Camping Toblacher See, Dobbiaco (Bozen)
  8. Camping Markushof, Ora (Bozen)
  9. Camping Gloria Vallis, Glurns – Vinschgau (Bozen)
  10. Waldcamping Naturns, Naturno (Meran, Bozen)

The best small campsites according to ANWB:

  1. Camping La Spiaggia, Passignano sul Trasimeno (Perugia)
  2. Camping Bungalows Adler – Adults Only, Naturno (Meran, Bozen)
  3. Camping Völlan, Foiana/Lana (Bozen)
  4. Camping Obstgarten, Kurtatsch (Bozen)
  5. Camping zum See, San Valentino alla Muta (Curon Venosta, Bozen)
  6. Camping Badlerhof, Lasa (Bozen)
  7. Camping Lido Salpi, Manfredonia (Foggia)
  8. Camping Luminoso, Santa Croce Camerina (Ragusa)
  9. Camping Cevedale, Ossana (Trento)
  10. Camping Ganthaler, Vilpiano (Bozen)

Besides the rating based on independent inspections, ANWB also has a yearly camping award which is based on public votes. For 2020, two Italian campsites have won an award.

  • Camping 44 in Loro Piceno (Macerata) won the award for best European small campsite
  • Camping Ranocchio in Piano Porlezza (Como) won the award for best European Charme campsite.

ADAC / PiNCAMP, for its part, did not content itself with identifying the Top 10 Italian campsites, but went so far as to rank the structures up to the hundredth place. Here’s what they are:

  1. Camping Village Europa Silvella, Lombardei
  2. Camping Residence Orchidea, Piemont
  3. Club Camping Jesolo International, Venetien
  4. Camping Zocco, Lombardei
  5. Camping Village Isolino, Piemont
  6. Camping Village Conca D’Oro, Piemont
  7. Camping Village Pino Mare, Friaul-Julisch Venetien
  8. Continental Camping Village, Piemont
  9. Camping Le Palme, Venetien
  10. Camping Villaggio Weekend, Lombardei
  11. Tahiti Camping & Thermae Bungalow Park, Emilia-Romagna
  12. Camping Maremma Sans Souci, Toskana
  13. San Francesco Camping Village, Lombardei
  14. Camping Spiaggia d’Oro, Venetien
  15. Camping Cisano, Venetien
  16. Camping Village Ca’ Pasquali, Venetien
  17. Luxury Camping Schlosshof Resort, Trentino-Südtirol
  18. Camping Village Garden Paradiso, Venetien
  19. Camping Village Du Parc, Venetien
  20. Camping Village Baia Azzurra, Toskana
  21. Caravanpark Sexten, Trentino-Südtirol
  22. Camping Bella Italia, Venetien
  23. Vidor Family & Wellness Resort, Trentino-Südtirol
  24. Camping Tallinucci, Toskana
  25. Camping Pappasole, Toskana
  26. Camping Ville degli Ulivi, Toskana
  27. Camping Residence Campagna, Piemont
  28. Camping Lido, Venetien
  29. Camping Village Riva Nuova, Abruzzen
  30. Camping Al Porto, Trentino-Südtirol
  31. Camping Belvedere, Venetien
  32. Camping L’Ultima Spiaggia, Sardinien
  33. International Camping Etruria, Toskana
  34. Camping Baia Blu la Tortuga, Sardinien
  35. Camping Residence Sägemühle, Trentino-Südtirol
  36. Camping Village Dei Fiori, Venetien
  37. Camping Piantelle, Lombardei
  38. Camping Molino a Fuoco, Toskana
  39. Villaggio Camping Capo Ferrato, Sardinien
  40. Eurcamping Roseto, Abruzzen
  41. Camping Lino, Ligurien
  42. Camping Olympia, Trentino-Südtirol
  43. Camping Toblacher See, Trentino-Südtirol
  44. Camping Campo dei Fiori, Toskana
  45. Camping Villaggio dei Fiori, Ligurien
  46. Camping Continental, Venetien
  47. Camping Mareblu, Toskana
  48. Camping Vela Blu, Venetien
  49. Campingpark Delle Rose, Venetien
  50. Camping Village Santapomata, Toskana
  51. Camping Capalonga, Venetien
  52. Camping Village Rubicone, Emilia-Romagna
  53. Camping Enzo Stella Maris, Venetien
  54. Camping Riva di Ugento, Apulien
  55. Camping Tripesce, Toskana
  56. Camping Solcio, Piemont
  57. Camping Village Rocchette, Toskana
  58. Camping Scaglieri, Toskana
  59. Sant’Angelo Village, Venetien
  60. Camping Gardenia, Lombardei
  61. Camping Fossalta, Venetien
  62. 4 Mori Family Village, Sardinien
  63. Camping Village Belvedere Pineta, Friaul-Julisch Venetien
  64. Lagocamp-Parkcamping Maccagno, Lombardei
  65. Camping Village Laguna Blu, Sardinien
  66. Camping Sabbiadoro, Friaul-Julisch Venetien
  67. Alpinfitness Waldcamping Völlan, Trentino-Südtirol
  68. Camping Baia Saraceno, Sardinien
  69. Camping Europa Village, Venetien
  70. Camping Maralunga, Ligurien
  71. Camping Village Cavallino, Venetien
  72. Camping Rosselba le Palme, Toskana
  73. Camping dei Fiori, Ligurien
  74. Naturcaravanpark Tisens, Trentino-Südtirol
  75. Camping Vallicella, Toskana
  76. Waldcamping Naturns, Trentino-Südtirol
  77. Camping Residence Punta Spin, Friaul-Julisch Venetien
  78. Family Wellness Camping Al Sole, Trentino-Südtirol
  79. Camping Telis, Sardinien
  80. Parco delle Piscine, Toskana
  81. Camping Village Mediterraneo, Venetien
  82. Camping Onda Azzurra, Kalabrien
  83. Campeggio Baia Verde, Toskana
  84. Camping Village Italy, Venetien
  85. Camping Gianna, Ligurien
  86. Camping Lido & Village, Lombardei
  87. Camping Lago Azzurro, Piemont
  88. Camping Orlando in Chianti, Toskana
  89. Camping Latsch an der Etsch, Trentino-Südtirol
  90. Lago Levico Camping Village, Trentino-Südtirol


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