ADAC and Camping Business: a new partnership for the European camping market


In its continuous European growth strategy, Camping Business is establishing a network of relationships and collaborations with the main players in the sector. Today we are pleased to welcome among our partners a name that really needs little introduction: ADAC Camping. The German brand is one of the European leaders in the camping industry, boasting decades of experience with independent and impartial inspectors.

In 2019, ADAC Camping launched the website, which joins the well-known ADAC Camping Guide and the ADAC Camping/Stellplatz app. In total, ADAC is now able to reach over 5 million German campers.

As Camping Business we recently created an interesting webinar, involving PiNCAMP by ADAC, in which we collected a series of market data and tips and tricks to increase the attractiveness of Italian facilities to German tourists. The recording of “German tourists in Italian campsites: strategies and advice“, played live on YouTube on May 5th, is available at this link.

With the official launch of our collaboration with ADAC, we have the goal to offer you more and more useful information in the future, through new initiatives.

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