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ADAC/PiNCAMP: German campers will also travel in October and are ready for 2022


The summer holidays in Germany are over, but the camping season is not yet. This is shown by data that ADAC Camping has analyzed for Camping Business. The basis for the analysis is the search behavior of users on the PiNCAMP website, the ADAC camping portal.

German campers are looking for the last rays of sunshine

According to the analysis of PiNCAMP, since the end of the German summer holidays, German campers have been looking for last minute campsites. Approximatively, 50% of all visitors of PiNCAMP still want to travel in September. Apart from Germany as a short-distance destination, sunny holiday destinations such as Italy (approx. 25% of all search queries with arrival in September) and Croatia (approx. 15%) are very popular.

Children in Germany have another school holiday in October. German campers traditionally head for campsites nearby for their family holidays in this month. It is therefore not surprising that PiNCAMP records more searches for available campsites at Lake Garda, at the German Baltic Sea, the Netherlands and Istria.

Campers are already booking for 2022

The last 2 years have once again made it clear which form of holiday is fully in vogue: camping. Here, holidaymakers can enjoy the most beautiful places in Europe with maximum freedom and safety. Due to the high demand, campers today also need more planning security when booking their holidays. PiNCAMP registers this trend towards planning security in its data. Already now, more than 20% of all website visitors on PiNCAMP are looking for a bookable pitch or rental accommodation for the year 2022, and the trend is rising. Campsites in Croatia and Italy seem to be particularly popular with early bookers, with around 42% of visitors looking for available pitches in these countries arriving in June-August.

Where does the data come from?

More than 2,000 campsites have already opted for “ADAC Camping Booking Pro” (formerly “PiNCAMP Online Booking”). With ADAC Camping Booking Pro, campsites determine themselves at which prices which contingents are bookable on PiNCAMP. Campers can easily search and book these free allotments on PiNCAMP by entering their travel dates. On the basis of these entries PiNCAMP has carried out this analysis.

Do you want your campsite to be bookable on PiNCAMP? All information is available on the website or in a personal conversation with the camping experts from ADAC Camping, e.g. at the SUN Beach&Outdoor Style Rimini trade fair from October 13 to 15 (You can make an appointment with ADAC Camping/PiNCAMP here).

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