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Awarded the five SETT d’OR for innovation: among the winners also the Italian company Ramberti


The awards ceremony for the SETT d’OR took place yesterday, an award for innovation at the Salon SETT in Montpellier. For 2021 there were five categories for the “innovation trophies”. For the first time, among the winners there is also an Italian company: Ramberti. The Santarcangelo di Romagna company was awarded the SETT d’OR with a gazebo to which folding photovoltaic modules can be added to produce energy which is then used to recharge electric bikes and electronic devices.

BNG Interactive Technology, on the other hand, won with Campin’in touch, an interactive multimedia information app. The SETT d’OR was also attributed to Floodframe, a company that produces a solution of the same name to protect homes, and therefore also mobile homes, from any floods. The mobile home manufacturer IRM, of Groupe Beneteau, also won an award on the same theme, presenting a mobile home designed for areas at risk of flooding, the IRM-Bio habitat. The 5th prize was won by Time Shaker, who built a machine to automatically make cocktails in a matter of seconds.

The Salon SETT, of which Camping Business is a media partner, will continues until tomorrow.

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