BTO2020 opens February 12 and 13 at Leopolda station in Florence


BTO – Buy Tourism Online, leading event in Italy dedicated to the combination of tourism and innovation takes place on 12 and 13 February at the Leopolda Railway Station in Florence, the location that hosted BTO2019 and its first editions.

 After the great success of the past edition, the same one that witnessed the arrival of the new director Francesco Tapinassi, BTO2020 confirms that the attention will be on businesses, universities and training schools in the tourism sector. During the two days of information and training dedicated to tourism professionals, the focus will be on a preview of new trends and updated content on the subject of scientific research and technological innovation applied to travel. The “Human” theme, already addressed in the past, will have a special role, but this time it will be in a less emotional key and projected more towards the present, in search of a “centre of gravity” in the travel market, marked by deep transformations.

 This year, along with the BTO Advisory Board, to which the best Italian and foreign professionals belong – Francesco Tapinassi, director of BTO2020, explains – we have decided to adopt professor Luciano Floridi’s Onlife Manifesto, in order to try to understand the right path to take in the continuously changing market and world. We believe that we need to work on ourselves, on our ability to make a synthesis of the huge amount of information with which we are bombarded every day, focusing on the most important things and eliminating “noise”, in order to construct a solid strategy projected towards the future.

Drawing inspiration from the Online Manifesto, the common thread of BTO2020 will be an analysis of the passage between Online and Onlife, between machines and humans. It will therefore be looking into the changes that the new technologies have introduced into our lifestyles, making us increasingly connected, fast and smart but, at the same time, reliant upon the digital world.

BTO2020’s four thematic paths: “Hospitality” dedicated to the hotel industry, both independent and chains, which has always represented an important slice of BTO’s audience, with several specific moments dedicated to managers of small-capacity accommodation, like apartments, holiday homes and B&Bs; “Destination” a path designed for destinations, from governance to territorial marketing; “Food & Wine”, new arrivals during the past two years, dedicated to those operating in the catering and agri-food industry, who are investing in the promotion, distribution and digital communication of tourism products; “Digital Strategy & Innovation” a cross-sectional path of support to tourism managers, consultants and web agencies, allowing them to understand how to construct their own digital strategies and keep up with the changes taking place in the market.

All the new additions are on the BTO2020 official website, which has also been revisited and updated, in line with the themes of the next edition:

BTO – Buy Tourism Online is a brand owned by Tuscany Tourist Promotion and Chamber of Commerce of Florence. The organization is entrusted to Tuscany Tourist Promotion, PromoFirenze – A Special Company of the Chamber of Commerce of Florence and Fondazione Sistema Toscana.


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