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Camping Business launches Virtual Expo, a virtual catalog to find the right partners for your business


The Camping Business project is evolving rapidly. This Fuori Media website has in fact become an official registered magazine in all respects and today launches Virtual Expo, a new virtual catalog containing most of the product categories that represent the Italian and European camping industry. Inside Virtual Expo, readers can find the information about the leader companies offering products and services and a practical form to contact them directly.

So, professional operators in the camping industry can quickly find products and solutions suitable for daily use or for the development of new projects and activities. With this initiative, Camping Business wants to support companies even in the most critical phases of their growth path, because in order to better follow and develop their business it is more important to identify the partners, rather than the suppliers.

Virtual Expo will be constantly updated on the basis of the information that we will collect every day in the most varied ways, but being a numerically rich and typologically varied industry we ask our readers, who are professional operators, to report any inaccuracies or missing information. To do so, simply send an email to

The new virtual catalog is just one of the first steps in a larger Camping Business development project, which wants to become a fundamental landmark in Europe in this industry. News, initiatives, opinions from the leader operators, but also products and services available in the B2B area, will find space on our magazine, committed daily to tell its readers the most interesting trends of this important industry.

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