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Camping Vision expands its product range and starts selling camping pitches


The Swiss/Danish/Dutch group Camping Vision will expand its product range and will offer pitches next to the rental accommodations. This first launch will include all websites from the brands Allcamps and LuxCamp. Camping Vision has focused on the sales of rental accommodations of more than 850 campsites throughout Europe, like mobile homes, bungalows and safari tents, but now takes a new step to strengthen its position on the market.

“The travel trends have changed, and data are showing an increasing popularity of camping holidays,” said Ralf de Bruijn, managing director of Camping Vision. “We have been asked many times by both clients and partner campsites to include pitches in our offer. With our in-house IT department and all connections we have already established with most of the camping reservation systems, it was a fairly easy operation to implement this new product type”.

Camping Vision is a Swiss/Danish/Dutch group specializing in the campsite booking market with a European market share that is constantly growing. It was founded four years ago, as a result of a merger of the well-known brands Allcamps and LuxCamp, as well as the more specific DanskBilferie and FriFerie.

In 2019, Camping Vision recorded a total of approximately 65,000 bookings, of which 35,000 were for the Italian market and 15,000 for the Croatian market.

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