In evidenza EN News in Italy also, outdoor tourism seems more likely to start again


Waiting for returning fully operational and welcoming tourists to accommodation facilities again, reading the surveys that have multiplied in this period can help understand how to deal with the next few months. In recent days you have seen on these pages an overview of the expectations of European open-air tourists, collected by ACSI, and those of North American travelers, elaborated by Kampgrounds of America. In both cases, the numbers appeared comforting, with a rather high propensity to imagine an outdoor holiday, even if moved a little further in time.

To understand the mood of the Italian public, this time you can take a look at the data processed by, which involved over 1,600 campers. The answers were collected between 5 and 12 May and almost 50% of the interviewees seem inclined to travel (16.3% will certainly go on vacation and 33.4% will most likely go there). Only 6.1% of the tourists surveyed said they would give up the holiday.

A Confturismo-Confcommercio survey carried out in collaboration with SWG and released in early May reported that only 20% of Italians are inclined to travel as soon as the health emergency has passed. It is therefore confirmed that outdoor tourism lovers are more oriented not to give up their vacation and, for 59.9 percent of respondents, an outdoor facility is the safest solution.

When you go to try to understand what tourists would like to find in the accommodation, most of the attention goes towards cleaning and hygiene (82.9% ask to sanitize housing and common spaces, 63.9% of sanitize common toilets to all users and 40.5% to offer sanitation services for their accommodation / motorhome / caravan during their stay). There are also those who ask for a discount (51.8%) and those who would instead like to receive at the check-in a manual of safety procedures to be kept in the structure (31.6%).

Finally, the confirmation that camping and outdoor tourism facilities will be privileged comes from the fact that 78.5% consider the size of the spaces and 55% the distance between the accommodations very important. It should be noted that 69.3 percent would favorably consider the presence of any restrictions aimed at safety. Precise information, great attention to hygiene and safety in the foreground could be the winning elements in the upcoming tourist season.

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