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Club del Sole, from the pandemic emergency a season rich in investments is born


We hear more and more often about outdoor holidays in the media, also thanks to the main players in this sector, who with different methods and objectives are pushing the accelerator pedal. In these days, and until July 20th, a campaign of Club del Sole, one of the Italian leaders of the outdoor holiday in the green and on the sea with 15 villages and 2 million presences recorded in 2019, is broadcasted on several radio channels. The 15 seconds spots are “on air” on Radio Italia Solo Musica Italiana. The “flights” on Radio Deejay, Radio m2o and Radio Capital join and overlap.

Club del Sole’s summer 2020 campaign is a campaign of values, in support of a brand positioning linked to new market trends, such as eco-friendly and responsible tourism, glamping, multigenerational holidays, outdoor in Italy,” said the managing director Giovanni Cavalli. “Club del Sole has 15 family camping villages owned, 13 of which overlook the most beautiful Italian beaches with centuries-old pine forests, perfectly aligned with market trends, which increasingly requires outdoor holidays with large uncrowded spaces and high-level services”.

In the meantime, the company does not stop, and in the year marked by the pandemic emergency, it achieves a double acquisition: the Family Camping Villages Romagna and International, both in Riccione and both already managed by Club del Sole. Add to these the space that is located between the two accommodations, which was headed by another property. In total there is talk of 270,000 square meters overlooking the sea.

The redevelopment project for this area is in line with the new trend of outdoor holidays,” said Club del Sole president Riccardo Giondi. “The market has evolved and today requires above all contact with nature and high-level services. For this we have already planned an important planting intervention, with the insertion of 1,000 trees”.

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