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From Italian FAITA-Federcamping 2 manuals that explain the measures to be taken to reopen safely


On the occasion of the reopening of outdoor accommodation facilities, FAITA-Federcamping has developed a substantial documentation essential for all operators in the sector. In fact, the Manuale di Comunicazione – Secure Clean Camping-Village (Communication Manual – Secure Clean Camping-Village) and the Manuale Operativo per rendere l’ospitalità sicura (Operating Manual to make hospitality safe) have been published on the association’s website.

The first contains 142 pages in three languages ​​(Italian, English and German) with signs ready to be printed and used. From the indications on the distances to be maintained up to the examples of adhesives that can be placed on the floor, in the bathrooms and in the common areas, passing through hypothetical personalization of hygiene products, this manual contains everything you need to communicate to the customers how to behave, which precautions to take and to warn them of the sanitization activities performed. In addition, there are also information about supplier management.

The second manual is much more substantial (over 300 pages) and prescribes in nine chapters all the measures that should be implemented in the various environments to guarantee the safety and health of guests and workers. The volume deals with topics such as the implementation of an action plan, prevention and management of sanitation and safety, and then examines the different areas of the accommodation facility: reception, accommodation, restaurants and bars, entertainment and recreational activities, health center. All of this information is available only in Italian. The second part takes up the theme of communication already present in the other publication. If you download the Operating Manual, you can therefore do without the Communication Manual.

With these two manuals developed by FAITA-Federcamping you have the reasonable certainty of following all those best-practices, coded and otherwise, which allow you to manage the accommodation in complete safety and with an eye for the guests.

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