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The World Wellness Weekend is celebrated all over the world from 16 to 18 September


The 6th edition of World Wellness Weekend (WWW) will start on Friday September 16 at sunrise in Fiji, until sunset Sunday 18 in Hawaii, with “Living Well Together” as the main focus, coordinated by 150 volunteers around the globe, in over 900 cities from Brussels to Winnipeg. 4,000 participating venues in 140 countries will be accessible on the World Wellness Map for millions of people to find fun, free, inclusive group activities, classes, and workshops.

Professionals and venues sign up (free) on and schedule free group classes Sept 16-17-18 at their facility or in local parks and recreational areas. There’s a one-class minimum, and venues offering three free classes or more will receive a “2022 Wellness Champion” badge.

The public connects on (18 languages) to search a city or click directly on their favorite type of activity. They instantly locate venues nearby, read the description of activities, and book in advance (in case of limited free seating): Yoga classes, Fitness sessions, Guided Relaxation and Meditations promoting “Inner Peace & World Peace”, Cancer Aware webinars by Wellness For Cancer supported by Immunocologie, wellness activities in Hot Springs, traditional heat ceremonies in Saunas with the support of the International Sauna Association, Tree planting in Brasil and Vietnam, Samba classes, Flamenco, Ballet to experience the joy of being well.

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