About 1,300 vacancies at Human Company


Human Company is recruiting for next season: in total about 1,300 vacancies to fill in the Group’s outdoor facilities in villages, family parks and camping in towns in Tuscany (Florence, Valdarno, Chianti, Montescudaio and San Vincenzo for a total of 755 vacancies), Lazio (all around the capital for a total of 210 vacancies) and Veneto (Lake Garda and Venice for a total of 240 vacancies), in the boutique hotel Villa La Palagina in Chianti (75 vacancies) and for the Plus Florence( 20 vacancies), the latest generation hostel in the Tuscan capital. The most sought after vacancies are within the food & beverage sector, for a total of about 800 vacancies for restaurant and kitchen staff and bartenders. Followed by the reception area, with 400 vacancies for front office, reception and information point staff and the retail sector with about 80 vacancies for shop and in-house market staff. The recruitment campaign also includes other vacancies, including those in the maintenance, gardening, and pool attendant/lifeguard service sectors.

To date, Human Company, a Tuscan group operating in the hospitality and restaurant industry and leader in Italy in the outdoor tourism sector, has over 1,800 permanent and temporary employees, 68% of whom are under the age of 38 and have an average age of 33: figures that testifies to the Group’s commitment to young tourism enthusiasts, under the banner of sustainable, smart and inclusive hospitality.

To submit your application visit the website Careers.

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