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Change of habits among campers: now pitches are booked in advance


More and more motorhome travelers are planning their trips and booking a pitch for their stopover in advance. It wasn’t like this until a few years ago when adventurers preferred to set off without a fixed plan, counting on finding an available pitch along the way. Today, things have changed. Outdoor vacations are becoming increasingly popular, and campsites quickly reach full capacity during peak seasons. Not booking in advance can mean not finding available pitches.

An investigation conducted on 4,000 campers by Campercontact, the application (and website) that helps find parking areas among over 40,000 campsites in 58 countries, clearly captures this shift in travel culture in Europe. The app has a community of over 1.3 million travelers who share photos and reviews of parking areas and campsites.

74% of German campers book overnight stays

The results of Campercontact’s survey show that, over the last 5 years, the percentage of European campers booking campsites and pitches in advance has significantly increased. Germany leads the way with 74% of motorhome travellers booking a pitch (in 2019 it was 36%); the same percentage (74%) is recorded for UK campers, who were already accustomed to booking in advance in 2019 (the percentage was 72% at that time).

But the new trend is making its way everywhere: in Italy, for example, there has been a shift from 43% of campers booking their pitches in advance in 2019 to the current 67%, while in the Netherlands it has increased from 41% to 61%. France, at the bottom of this ranking in 2019, still holds that position, although the percentage of those booking in advance has also increased here, from 32% five years ago to 50% today.

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