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Help for the earthquake in Croatia also from Italian mobile home manufacturers


The Croatian Camping Association has been involved in a joint action togheter with the Croatian Tourism Association and Croatian Hotel Association, with the support of the Ministry of Tourism, to collect a donation of mobile homes and caravans for the areas affected by the earthquake (Petrinja, Glina, Sisak) and provide shelter for the neediest families giving them at least a minimum of security in these difficult times.
Crippaconcept and CR Abitare took part immediately to this solidarity initiative, offering their support. Here is how the CEO of the two Italian companies commented.
“The tragedy of the earthquake that hit Petrinja in recent days, bringing destruction, deaths and serious difficulties, has left us speechless” – explains Sergio Redaelli, CEO of CrippaConcept and CrAbitare, Italian companies producing mobile homes and also based in Croatia – “Today the local government, the Camping Croatia Association and our Croatian collaborators have taken steps to understand what are the immediate needs to restore safety conditions especially for those who have also lost their homes. Everything is missing and in this moment it is urgent to do something.

In this situation we are ready to do our part: with Crippaconcept and CR Abitare we have organized the dispatch of mobile homes in favor of the Croatian inhabitants affected by the earthquake that caused destruction and victims especially in Petrinja, Glina and Sisak, so that they can offer a safe shelter for those who need it most, in a short time. For this purpose we will try to involve all our customers in Croatia but also the Italians.

In such a difficult and painful moment, we believe it is opportune and necessary to help the communities of Petrinja, Glina and Sisak, local governments and Croatian camping associations, Kamping Udruženje Hrvatske KUH and Hrvatska Udruga Turizma HUT to which we are bound by a feeling of friendship and closeness. and to whom we send our affectionate embrace.

We take this opportunity to thank in advance the Croatian Ministry of Tourism which has considered the use of the maxi-caravans we produce to respond promptly to the emergency created “continues Sergio Redaelli. «We are happy to be able to give our contribution and that maxi-caravans are considered the right solution to respond to this type of catastrophe. They will not be an accidental accommodation like tents, but they will guarantee a safe and comfortable welcome to people affected by the earthquake until the end of the emergency, even in the presence of typical winter conditions.

The dispatch of the maxi-caravans is managed directly by our collaborators of the Croatian offices in collaboration with Adriano Palman of Kamping Udruženje Hrvatske KUH, Veljko Ostojić of Hrvatska Udruga Turizma HUT and the emergency governance, who will be responsible for assigning the maxi caravan to citizens affected by this terrible tragedy.

To contribute personally to other charitable initiatives in support of the Petrinja Emergency, this is the link of the Croatian Red Cross “.


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