Podcast (EN) – Ramon Van Reine – CEO of ACSI


Welcome to another exciting episode of Conversazioni @ Camping Business. Today, we had the privilege to sit down with Ramon Van Reine, the CEO of ACSI, at SIA Hospitality Design 2023 in Rimini. In this interview, Ramon shares insights on:

  • The growth and challenges faced by the camping industry, especially during the Covid period
  • ACSI’s impressive comeback, transitioning from challenges during 2020 to a fantastic season
  • The surge in camping popularity during the pandemic and how research shows campers are preferring it over traditional hotel stays
  • ACSI‘s digital transformation, balancing between traditional print and the rise in digital content
  • The importance of campers making reservations due to the decline in available camping pitches
  • The unique “ACSI Awards” initiative where consumers get to pick the winners
  • The essential role of caravanning magazines in the RV industry, inspiring and educating customers

Stay tuned for this insightful discussion with one of the industry’s leading figures.

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