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VPF inaugurates the new website and launches its Made in Italy floating house


VPF published its new website which now features a section dedicated to floating houses. A perfect accommodation proposal to give tourists the opportunity to be lulled by the sweet sound of the water, or to have lunch while admiring the sea that extends endlessly to the horizon. The VPF floating house, suitable for installation on the sea as well as on the lakes, puts the tourist at the center of a highly engaging sensorial experience, thanks to the presence of the water element.

Like the other VPF mobile homes, the floating ones can also be customized based on customer needs and are characterized by the choice of high-quality Italian designs and materials.

The finishes are made with the utmost care by expert craftsmen, to ensure long life. The windows are made of PVC with double glazing and tilt-and-turn openings. The floors can be installed based on customer’s preferences, ranging from porcelain stoneware to PVC. Finally, the furnishings are tailor-made together with the client during the design phase.

The resistance of the floating house to bad weather, natural agents, and the wear and tear of time is guaranteed by a series of technical measures:

  • 100% galvanized iron chassis and 18 mm phenolic plywood floor
  • Walls and partitions made with sandwich panels for high thermo-acoustic insulation
  • Upper cover guaranteed for snow load and walkable on request
  • Closing the chassis with CDF (Compact Density Fibreboard) and plated laminate panels

Why a new website?

VPF inaugurated its new website with the aim of offering an even more complete service to its customers. “We wanted to make our site even more beautiful and welcoming for those who visit it and above all we wanted to develop the section dedicated to mobile homes,” said Rossella Fasano, partner and head of New Business at VPF. “We are keen to give our customers all the information about our products in a simple and immediate way and we want to clarify the fact that installation by private individuals, outside of accommodation facilities, is hindered by (the Italian, ed) current laws”.

New ways to enter a mobile home

Mobile homes, floating or not, represent a modern tool for enjoying holidays immersed in nature but surrounded by all the typical comforts of a housing structure where nothing is missing: carefully equipped kitchen, small but functional bathroom, bedrooms, and finally a living area where you can relax with friends and family.

Soon, it will be possible to to rent mobile homes (installed within accommodation facilities) as is done with cars, through the operational leasing formula. The agreement is being defined and once signed it will enrich the offer of the Rent Foryou company, part of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group.

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