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Witway introduces the environmentally friendly cold drink dispenser – it uses reusable water bottles


The Italian Witway presented itself for the first time at SUN Beach&Outdoor Style with a particularly interesting product. Born for the fitness sector, in which the company specializes, their machines for the automatic dispensing of cold drinks are distinguished by the choice of using reusable bottles, rather than relying on disposable plastic containers or cups. To do this, it uses Rfid tags that identify the user, and which are attached under the bottom of the container. When this is placed on the dispensing machine, the system detects online the information associated with the customer, such as preferences and residual credit. Thanks to the ability to choose the product directly from your smartphone, through a special app, the contact between machine and user is reduced to zero, thus also responding to the need to offer an adequate service for an era of Corona.

The customer can use his own bottle or choose one of those proposed by Witway. The latter are made of Tritan, a new polymer already used in the production of baby bottles. Reusable, characterized by superior thermal, physical and chemical properties, 100% recyclable, it does not release chemicals into the water. In addition, it is dishwasher safe, impact resistant, light, transparent and shiny. Alternatively, Witway supplies customizable steel insulated water bottles.

The top-of-the-range machine, called Wow Machine, dispenses microfiltered water, alkaline water, four different drinks prepared by diluting concentrated juices and six different types of shake from mixed powders. It is ideal for all environments with large capacities, thanks to its great supply and refrigeration power. The Wow Energy, on the other hand, is designed to offer water and four different drinks, while the smaller Drink Trainer is limited to water and two different drinks.

The IwitU software is manageable online and accessible from any device. To work, it only needs an Internet connection, with no particular installation restrictions. In addition to managing the customer profile, the program allows the creation of personalized, fixed-rate or pay-as-you-go subscriptions. All that is needed to operate the machines is electricity, water connection and Internet connection.

Witway dispensing machines – particularly suitable for reception areas, common areas, swimming pools and beaches – are supplied against an initial customization fee and an annual license, while the products and ingredients on sale can be freely chosen by those who manage the accommodation.

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