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Summer 2020 in Germany: camping bookings run to the high


In Germany, booking for camping are expected very high in July and August, although it will no longer be possible to recover what has been lost: the turnover drop between March and the end of May was too high, because we are talking about 57.8 percent. Estimates come from the portal, which has seen searches triple in this period.

The Summer 2020, perhaps also because of Covid-19 and the fears and narrowness it brings with it, is undoubtedly particular and somewhat different from the previous ones. But, fortunately, camping is one of the most popular holiday modes, as well as being considered one of the safest. “Social distancing is not a problem. Those who go camping almost always travel with their own vehicle, spend a lot of time in nature, sleep and live in its ‘four walls’ and mostly use their own toilets,” says Maximilian Möhrle, managing director of the portal.

Despite the current high occupancy, there are still places available on campsites in Germany and Austria,” continues Möhrle, who also recommends booking before leaving. The operators of have also assessed what their users searched. Last year about 42% of requests was related to campsites in Germany, a percentage that has risen to 66% this year. Followed by Austria (9%), Switzerland (7%), the Netherlands (4%), Croatia (3%) and then Italy and France, both with a meager 2 percent. “A look beyond the borders towards Italy, Croatia and France is therefore particularly useful”, comments Möhrle. “Contrary to the last few years, there is still a lot of space on the campsites. Fortunately, the infection in these countries is under control and the campsites have adopted special security measures”.

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