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FAITA Sicily: in this Summer 2020, guarantees, discounts and safety are added to the love for nature


“Ciuri ciuri, pure quest’anno” (Ciuri ciuri, this year too) is the name of the initiative created by FAITA Sicily for the tourism promotion this Summer, to which 12 of the island’s 15 associated campsites adhere. This is more than half of the sector’s receptivity, with structures located along the coasts of all Sicily, in large, open and protected spaces, united by a single common thread: love for nature. There are three main elements part of the initiative: an insurance policy against the risk of holiday cancellation, a 20 percent discount reserved for specific particularly deserving job categories and the application of a health protocol for the safety of guests and workers.

With the formula called “Scacciapensieri”, those who choose to stay in the FAITA Sicily camping sites, when paying during the booking phase, will receive an insurance policy free of charge which, in case of cancellation, will entitle the refund of the entire sum.

Categories of workers such as doctors, nurses, researchers, health workers, the Red Cross, Civil Protection and Law Enforcement will enjoy a 20 percent discount. It is a way of saying “thank you” to all the ‘guardian angels’ of health, who after so much stress, effort and distance from families will be able to enjoy a peaceful stay in places where beauty, peace and relaxation are natural frames.

On the security front, however, each operator updated the DVR (the Italian risk assessment document) by inserting an attachment for biological risk linked to Covid-19, made on the basis of a careful evaluation of the specific characteristics of its structure. Each campsite then identified and trained a manager for the application of the sanitation procedures of all environments and the rules for workers and guests with the aim of minimizing risks.

These three initiatives will be joined by others during the summer. The first is scheduled for Friday June 12, when on the occasion of the opening day of the Summer season, FAITA Sicily campsites will give their guests the FAITA Sicilycamping Card. The card entitles you to a series of discounts – for example for excursions and transfers – the list of which will be available on the website

Our campsites are places as safe as our home, but where trees replace the walls and instead of the ceiling you will find a magnificent sunny sky, places where the sea breeze constantly purifies the air, bringing the acrid and wild smell saltiness, among the sounds of nature as a background,” explained Diego Ruggirello, president of FAITA Sicily. “It is not poetry. It is concrete reality. Our holiday is ‘open air’, it is a sense of freedom, independence. We are happy to return to welcome our guests with these new initiatives, modulated for their serenity.”

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