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The Jesolo relaunch: a new tourist portal and an app to book your place on the beach


An app for booking a place on the beach, a new brand, a completely renewed website and a lot of activity on social channels. These are the main ingredients that expertly mixed are bringing Jesolo, one of the best-known seaside resorts in Italy and Veneto, to the reopening of tourist activities. At a press conference held this morning, all the innovations that in this particular year should allow to limit the damage caused by the pandemic were presented.

The first piece of this puzzle was illustrated by the mayor of Jesolo, Valerio Zoggia, who explained how a website and an app for smartphones will be available in the coming days to allow you to book your place on the city’s beaches. “This year, will be mandatory to book the access to the beach, considering the spaces that for health reasons will have to be larger,” said the mayor. “Apart from the equipped area of ​​our structures, what worries us a little more is the so-called ‘free’ beach, because we have no idea of ​​the flows. We have already identified the app and site to be used, named J.Beach. In case of large crowds, remaining on the beach will not be allowed, only a walk and a swim. And for this there will be special checks. The site and app were created to manage the booking of the beach, but in the future there may be the possibility of booking other services as well”.

Enrico Ferrero, CEO of Ideazione, one of the three companies that works for the promotion and tourism communication for the Municipality of Jesolo, was given the task of explaining the objectives that are being pursued. “Tourism will never be the same as before,” he said. “It is up to the tourist destinations to decide how to manage it. Today we play a good part of Jesolo’s success and future. In recent weeks we have worked on the brand and the new portal, two important levers for the revitalization of the city. The app is a fundamental tool: tourists must enjoy an experience made in total safety, but also in freedom. Now our goal is to network, to bring Jesolo to be once again a pioneer of national and international tourism as it already was in the 1950s“.

The new Jesolo logo is the business card placed on the new tourist portal “We focused on three concepts,” explains Federico Alberto, CEO of Studiowiki, another of the consultancy companies involved. “We wanted it to be a great showcase on the territory, a guide for tourists and that would allow operators, through the booking system, to disintermediate and convert directly. Portals must be beautiful, but also functional for tourists and useful for operators. Today Google rewards portals and sites with certain requirements, which we have tried to satisfy both from a graphic and user experience point of view as well as from a textual one. From tomorrow we will make new audiovisual materials. The goal was to transfer online everything that is usually done in the tourist office. In addition, the site integrates with the portal“.

And from Federico Caner, councilor for programming, EU funds, tourism and foreign trade of the Veneto Region, came the appreciation for the work done. “The coronavirus did a lot of damage, but it also showed us the glass half full,” he said at the conference. “The initiative of the Municipality of Jesolo is excellent, and we as a Region are also moving to launch a great promotion that brings together all the territories and all the destinations. We see well the specific initiatives in the area, but the important thing is that there is a regional guiding thread, where the tourist understands that if he reaches a Venetian destination he realizes that this is part of something bigger“.

The event was also attended by Maria Elena Rossi, ENIT’s marketing director, who acknowledged the Jesolo administration with a great speed of reaction in the face of the difficulties created by the Covid-19 pandemic. “Today we must therefore present ourselves in a new and more effective way, as you are doing in Jesolo,” she underlined. “Of what I saw today, I really liked the speed and attention to the roots, which is important for building the future. The season started late, but there is the possibility of extending it more than in the past. The challenge we face is to find a balance, a new vision, between economic sustainability and social and environmental sustainability. There are all the conditions to win it. Innovation and experimentation are the elements on which we must work, because the tourist and the overall context are no longer the same as before”.

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