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Numatic International’s 244NX washer dryer is compact and cordless


Very often the only solution to clean small spaces or a room with a lot of furniture, for example the kitchen of a restaurant or the warehouse that are easily found in campsites, is to use the traditional method with a wet mop and broom. This is a tiring and time-consuming operation, also because you have to wait for the floor to dry. With Numatic International‘s 244NX cordless scrubber dryer the problem is solved! Easy to use and ultra-manageable, it leaves floors clean, dry and streak-free and, at the same time, saves 70% on cleaning costs.

The 244NX uses a “centrifugal” water delivery system through the brushes, without making messy sprays: this saves 80% of water. Also of note is the battery power supply, which avoids carrying around often long and bulky wires, which make cleaning operations more tiring. This washer-dryer has an autonomy of 80 minutes and, for a quick recharge, one hour is enough, while for a full one it takes two hours.

The flexible and lightweight handle makes the 244NX easy to maneuver between obstacles and areas occupied by boxes and furniture that cannot be moved: this allows for faster and effortless cleaning. The tank holds up to 2.2 liters of floor cleaning solution, has a 3 liter recovery tank and the width of the two brushes is 220 mm each.

Numatic International supplies a number of accessories for the 244NX. These include several types of brushes, from the nylon one for a light scrub or daily cleaning to the LongLife one which has a longer duration and can be used on any floor. There are also numerous “discs” for cleaning. The red one removes light dirt and rubbing marks, the white one is suitable for ultra-light cleaning, the green one is very resistant for hard and particularly dirty floors as well as for intensive use. The company also offers the green Twister, with billions of microscopic diamonds to clean and polish floors at the same time.

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