Elena Oppizzi –

In Italy, Lake Garda is one of the favorite destinations for foreign tourism, but this year the health emergency has completely redesigned the profile of arrivals. However,, which is working to help its members to better face and overcome a summer with unpredictable contours, supports the accommodation facilities in the main Italian basin. We spoke with Elena Oppizzi, project coordinator, to let us explain what his project is, and how this (strange) tourist season is going.
Camping Business: What are the reasons that led to the birth of Lagodigardacamping and what does this project consist of?
Elena Oppizzi: The project was born in 2011 from 14 campsites on the Veneto lake side that were experiencing a somewhat static situation in terms of tourism promotion. Lake Garda is divided into three regions and there are therefore as many consortia that should collaborate, but in reality it is always very difficult. And then, although there is a fundraising mechanism based on the income from the tourist tax, the money for the joint tourism promotion of the territory is always little.

Consequently, in 2011 we decided to start a promotion project supported entirely by private companies. These are 14 large companies in our area that have joined together by founding a Ltd, Lagodigardacamping, of which they are partners. In the promotion of Lake Garda we go beyond the Veneto side, trying to make the beauties of the lake known at 360 degrees, found in Veneto, Lombardy, Trentino or even in our hinterland. The goal is to promote the lake as a destination that offers many activities and beautiful places to see. Obviously, in addition to making the destination known, we promote open air tourism, especially to those targets that still do not know us.

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