Elycold and Elyplan, the fibreglass laminates by Brianza Plastica for the realization of mobile and prefabricated home walls.

Born in 1962, Brianza Plastica is a leader company in fibreglass laminates production for industrial and commercial sectors. However, the Brianza Plastica products have included new and unexpected application fields during the years, driving the company to develop more performing and remarkable products also from an aesthetic point of view.

Elycold and Elyplan are produced by discontinuous and continuous lamination process, adressed not only to commercial and recreational vehicles sectors, but also to the prefabricated and mobile homes too. The search for more comfort during open-air holidays in contact with nature makes perfect the use of Brianza Plastica fibreglass laminates products in the campsite sector. Lightness, dimensional stability and low thermal conductivity, together with resistance to UV rays and to the possibility of being painted or supplied in special colours, make the Elycold and Elyplan fibreglass laminates ideal for constructing walls for mobile homes and prefabricated houses. In addition, the easy washability and the resistance to impact of Elycold and Elyplan fibreglass laminates make them the perfect solution for the en-plein-air holidays lovers. Applied both indoors and outdoors, the Brianza Plastica products are resistant to atmospheric agents and corrosion: the best solution in case of summer storms that are more and more frequent and dangerous. Last but not least, Elycold and Elyplan ranges with gelcoat external finish are also available in the NO BAC version, which makes it possible to almost completely eliminate the bacteria present on the surface of the fiberglass laminate: the ideal solution for all the enviroments where high and safe hygiene requirements are requested.

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