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Tecnopress electric sweeper: full of patents for perfect cleaning


Cleaning large spaces requires large tools. Tecnopress is an Italian company that produces and commercializes machines and equipment for the cleaning of bars, restaurants, seaside resorts, warehouses, firms, factories, and private and public indoor environments in general.

Sweeper Genius 1250 is equipped with patented SLS system with an auto-registering and self-levelling main brush. Moreover, it is provided with a patented system for the automatic return of the side brushes on bends. An easy to use and intuitive control panel, due to three separate and customisable programs, allows the achieving of the best work performances in every situation.

Thanks to its two separate controls for opening the bin and unloading the waste, Genius 1250 allows easy unloading up to 1 meter height. The power supply with 24 Volt batteries makes the Genius 1250 sweepers particularly suitable for use in environments where the emissions of an internal combustion engine are not welcome and in closed environments in general.

The maximum working width is one meter and twenty centimeters, while the central brush alone covers 70 centimeters. At maximum speed (7 km/h), the Genius 1250 sweeper can cover up to 7,700 square meters per hour, with a waste container volume of 85 liters. The total capacity of the four 6 Volt batteries mounted in series is 240 Ah. The weight of the sweeper is 280 kilograms.

Tecnopress also offers professional equipment dedicated to beach maintenance: beach cleaning machines, bed washers, umbrella washers, beach showers and coin mechs, coolers, algae collectors, drill rigs, trolleys and forks, inflatable dinghies and other machines for cleaning bathing establishments. In the catalog of the Italian company there are also machines for industrial cleaning such as pressure washers and vacuum cleaners, as well as floor washers, carpet cleaners and heaters. Finally, Tecnopress markets washing systems, nebulizers, automatic winders and other professional machines and equipment for car washes.

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