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SpazioCrippaconcept is born: an innovative showroom for exploring the entire collection in complete safety


Crippaconcept, the Italian record holder in the mobile home and lodge tent sector for glamorous camping (“glamping”) tourism, designs, produces and distributes its products in the most innovative camping villages and holiday parks in Italy and abroad. We interviewed Sergio Redaelli, Crippaconcept founder (in 2009) and CEO. With him, Camping Business took stock of the unusual year of 2020, and talked about his perspective on sustainability, the sector fairs and his plans for the coming months.


Camping Business: Define Crippaconcept in three words…

Sergio Redaelli: The three key elements that best describe the Crippaconcept brand are research, innovation and consideration. Everything we do as a company falls within these values and, of course, this season is also an extension of them.


Camping Business: When it comes to glamping, a connection with nature is an essential element. But nature must also be preserved, so here the concept of environmental sustainability comes into play. What is the position of Crippaconcept on this?

Sergio Redaelli: Sustainability will be an increasingly key feature of all our product lines. We are long-term partners with trusted suppliers who provide us with recycled and recyclable materials. However, as a company we know the environmental challenge is a big one, so we are working in many other directions to make a difference and have a long-term sustainability and research strategy. It’s a topic that everyone is increasingly concerned about, so we try to give our clients an engaging insight into a serious topic.


Camping Business: SUN 2020 is approaching, but it is not yet clear if and how you will be present. What were your thoughts on this?

Sergio Redaelli: The Milan Design Week and the Biennale, to which we were going to participate, have been postponed to 2021. However, SUN 2020 has been confirmed, but we have preferred to avoid participating in the same way as we have at past editions. The current conditions play a huge role in the events success, and 2020 is a year in which the dominant aspect is change. In addition to the products themselves, this year Crippaconcept has used the entire open-air tourism sector as a source of inspiration for specific projects such as Nuovisogni, research and “talks”. Our vision for 2020 was completely innovative: we wanted to create an even more engaging edition, but the current conditions require respect and new relationship models, plus creative and logistical solutions. We hope the stars align and create more stable conditions to reschedule the SUN and other live events in 2021.


Camping Business: Without the fairs, how do you plan to progress?

Sergio Redaelli: We have always communicated our activities through events that went beyond mere participation. The SUN and other events have been at the heart of everything we have done, but from April onwards, we felt we had a role to play in helping to change our lifestyle, work and culture in ways we wouldn’t have considered before . In order of priority, health and safety become the guiding light for new projects and interactions. And the comfort of the participants is the key to interacting safely again. Talking about health and safety is one thing, but carefully planning the strategy is another. Design is key throughout the entire customer and visitor travel experience, keeping both physical and digital participants in mind. Design & Camping are the heart of the Crippaconcept brand. We therefore expanded our headquarters in Torre d’Isola to be able to interact with customers in a “socialize with care” mode instead of with “social distancing”.


Camping Business: Can you give more details?

Sergio Redaelli: We are launching a SpazioCrippaconcept inspired by the contemporary Camping Village and conceived as an extension of our past participations at SUN, which have always received a positive response. All of a sudden, this year, 2020, is different. Life as we knew it has been shaken up. Although it is true that there is nothing better than a live meeting, as it is a basic human need to meet and socialize, but today we face not only the challenge of prioritizing health standards, but also that of creating better experiences and making every interaction more personal, more meaningful and more cared for. In addition to smart-working activities, we have invested in the keywords mentioned above to create a highly functional space which allows us to express our products better, and in a more personal, meaningful, accurate and permanent way over the time. Here we can have a less rushed relationship with the customer, with safe outdoor encounters just like in a Camping Village. A creative space next to our production centre hosts all our products. As a brand, the last thing we want to be is “classic”: Crippaconcept has always been about innovation.


Camping Business: Can you explain better what Crippaconcept is?

Sergio Redaelli: The SpazioCrippaconcept, created in collaboration with other companies in the sector, hosts our entire collection and celebrates the connection between our work and that of the other companies that make up the culture of contemporary Glamorous Camping (“glamping”). SpazioCrippaconcept will focus on a two-way dialogue: on the one hand to better understand the needs of our customers and on the other to make consumers better understand what we do, both outside the office for innovation, and in the office for the execution. SpazioCrippaconcept will be developed over an area of 5,000 square meters. A visit can be booked every day from Monday to Friday, starting from October 2020.


Camping Business: How are you going to present this initiative to the sector?

Sergio Redaelli: We will communicate this through our social channels on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, the blog on the website, our “b2b” newsletters, via the activity of our press office and, last but not least, the help of magazines like yours. But above all, we have planned a launch event: a Virtual Conference to present the project, scheduled for Friday 25th September, 2020 at 11:00 AM with direct live on YouTube Registering for the event is free.

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