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In the UK, 2021 bookings are already marking record numbers


For campsites, the 2020 season is still difficult to assess, given the strange trend caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. But if it is still premature to draw conclusions on this year’s results, 2021 is even more difficult to read. The hope of all operators is that the very high interest aroused this summer by outdoor holidays could translate into a boom of requests for the next one. Much will obviously depend on the trend of infections, which at this time in many European countries are showing worrying growth, but it is certainly interesting to observe what is happening in the United Kingdom.

Here the specialized booking platform is registering requests considerably higher than the norm, also due to the fact that in UK many accommodation facilities have been fully booked in the last two months. This has prompted the phenomenon of “pop-up campsites”, essentially temporary farmhouses that have sprung up thanks to the very high demand from British tourists.

Dan Yates, founder of the platform, told The Guardian that this phenomenon is destined to repeat itself in 2021, but above all that reservations in the more structured campsites, for the months of July and August next year, have already reached quota 1,400, an increase of over 500% compared to the past season. “Camping is the only type of accommodation that has been able to expand to meet demand from the many holidaymakers who’ve switched plans from abroad to stay on home turf,” he said.

Even Canopy & Stars, a website that suggests the most interesting sites in the United Kingdom for glamping, confirms this trend, stating that bookings for August 2021 are higher than those made in August 2020. In short, predict the trend for next season It will certainly not be an easy task, but in the meantime, we can let ourselves go to a bit of optimism that arises from these first indications.

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