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PiNCAMP by ADAC measures the desire of German tourists to return abroad: Italy is on top


The desire to travel is growing throughout Europe and this summer it is hoped that international tourism, also thanks to the EU Covid Digital Certificate, will be able to restart as soon as possible. For Italian campsites, the first foreign market ever is the German one. If tourists from Germany start traveling again, it will surely be good (and awaited) news.

For the moment we must stick to the indicators that can be measured, which give a sign of how far and where the Germans want to move. The most hopeful number comes from PiNCAMP by ADAC, the online camping platform most visited by German campers. According to the data collected in May, the increase in research concerning Italian structures has registered a real “boom”, with an increase of 487% compared to May last year.

Very positive data, albeit at a much lower level, concern destinations such as Spain (+214%), Croatia (+210%) and Portugal (+144%). In general, demand appears to be moving closer to pre-pandemic levels. What is certain is that German campers have a great desire to return to travel abroad, especially as reassuring news spreads about the spread of the coronavirus and the effectiveness of the vaccination campaign.

We are very pleased to see that German campers are again looking for travel destinations outside of Germany,” said a spokesperson for PiNCAMP by ADAC. “This is a great sign to all southern campsites: many Germans will arrive this year”.

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