Podcast (EN) – Christian Ghünter – BVCD


CONVERSAZIONI @ CAMPING BUSINESS met Christian Ghünter, Managing Director of BVCD, at the CMT in Stuttgart. We talked with him about the current and future results of the sector and the prospects for the development of outdoor tourism.

The BVCD is the German Federal Association of the Camping Industry, founded in November 2000 to bring together local federations under one umbrella. It represents the interests of entrepreneurs in the sector and promotes open-air tourism in Germany. The members of BVCD are the 11 federal state associations and a large group of rest areas and campsites. In total, the association represents more than 1,200 accomodations in Germany.

BVCD (Bundesverband der Campingwirtschaft in Deutschland e.V.) confronts authorities, associations and other institutions. Furthermore, it assists, informs, and advises its members on all matters relating to camping. The aim is to place camping as a high-quality leisure and holiday activity in the German and European tourism industry.

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