Podcast (EN) – Josipa Bonifačić Cvelić – Campmaster


To prepare future managers of outdoor accommodation facilities to face the many challenges imposed by environmental sustainability. This is the objective of the “Master of Sustainable Outdoor Hospitality Management” (Campmaster), a post-graduate program launched in 2020 also with the support of the European Union which is preparing to open its second cycle. Responsible for this project is Josipa Bonifačić Cvelić, Phd, Assistant Professor at the University of Rijeka, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Designated into the Camping Industry Hall of Fame last year at the ADAC Camping Gala, Bonifačić Cvelić is the star of this appointment with CONVERSAZIONI @ CAMPING BUSINESS. At CMT Stuttgart, we delved deeper into Europe’s first Master’s degree in sustainable outdoor hospitality and camping resort management: a multiple-degree professional master’s program in which students can combine theory and practice is offered at Universities in the Netherlands, Croatia, and Spain.

During the first year, students will attend lectures at the Breda University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, while in the second semester they will move to the University of Rijeka in Croatia. Furthermore, they will work on camping resorts in Croatia on sustainable business challenges in the fields of park design, stakeholder engagement, human resource management, concept design, or strategic management.

In the second year, students will move to the University of Girona (Spain) and deepen their academic and business management skills. In the last semester, they will work as trainees and develop a field research project and a thesis in a key outdoor hospitality region in Europe.

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