Podcast (IT) – Davide Damiani – RePower


CONVERSAZIONI@ CAMPING BUSINESS today deals with energy. War in Ukraine and inflation create worrying scenarios regarding the cost of energy. Campsite owners are well aware of the increases in gas and electricity bills. To outline future scenarios and get advice on good energy practices, we invited Davide Damiani, Repower Italia’s PR and Sales Promotion Manager.

Repower is a company specializing in the sale and provision of services in the energy sector. Headquartered in Switzerland and with over 100 years of history, Repower last year exceeded the turnover of 3 billion euros and is one of the main operators in the sale of electricity and gas to Italian companies.

In addition, it provides energy efficiency services and solutions for electric mobility. As part of its strategic plan, Repower aims for energy production that derives 100% from renewable sources.

We have Davide Damiani with us today.

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