Podcast (IT) – Simone Pokrandt – Leading Campings of Europe


Conversations@CampingBusiness met with Simone Pokrandt, General Manager of Leading Campings of Europe.

Leading Campings is an association that currently includes 37 campsites united by exclusivity, located throughout Europe. Founded in 1994 by three entrepreneurs with a great vision, the Leading Campings group is composed of independent and very heterogeneous campsites, but united by their high level of quality, both in facilities and services. Many of them are still family businesses and all are run by motivated and experienced entrepreneurs and managers. Many Leading Campings campsites, in fact, boast more than 50 years of history. From season to season, Leading Campings invents ever more luxurious and comfortable vacations with maximum contact with nature for every type of guest and every need. Today we have the pleasure of hosting Simone Pokrandt, who recently took over the organization as General Manager.

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