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Fire prevention and evacuation under control with Hochiki Totems


Hochiki is a multinational company founded in Japan in 1918 specializing in fire detection systems and emergency lighting. Also present in Europe with branches in Great Britain and Italy, it offers complete and tailor-made solutions proposed through its commercial partners. For campsites, the company has developed a “Totem” designed as a support system for emergency evacuation.

It is an ideal solution to comply with fire prevention regulations in any area set up for camping, regardless of size or type. The Totem facilitates the signaling of the emergency situation, and the consequent evacuation of the structure, through an immediate visual signal in the alarm area by means of a flashing light, an acoustic alarm signal and, when necessary, a signal via the emergency voice system.

In addition, Hochiki provides options that allow you to illuminate the structure in the event of an emergency on the power grid and the installation of cameras on the IP network for remote visual verification and recording of events.

The Totems must be located along “usual and normally frequented paths” by the guests, so that in case of need people can easily remember having seen them. It is therefore better that they are placed on the routes made daily during the stay at the campsite. The buttons must be clearly visible, but also protected from possible accidental collisions of cars/caravans/motorhomes in maneuver, and generally positioned at the places of guest’s greatest interest or frequentation: toilets, supermarkets, restaurants, swimming pools and so on. Departure routes to exits or collection points must be adequately marked. In the map below you can see an example of the application of the Totems in an accommodation facility.

From a technical and installation point of view, the connection is made through several star serial buses that start from one or more “slave” control units – located in accessible, protected and logistically favorable positions – in order to section the system into different areas of limited amplitude. This ensures shorter cable runs and makes communication between bus devices more stable and secure. The “slave” control panels are connected in series (RS485) to each other and via a “master” control panel to the main control computer, located in the Permanent Monitoring Station, typically the reception.

An interactive graphic software on the control PC allows easy identification of the call point that triggered the alarm, while the distributed acoustic signal, via the sirens positioned on the totems themselves, can be activated automatically or by direct command from the operator at the Reception. The same thing happens in larger structures, over 3,000 guests, with the emergency voice system. The Hochiki solution also provides for the automatic sending of alarm information via SMS or e-mail to the mobile stations of the surveillance staff.

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