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Automatic barriers: here are the solutions proposed by Kit Automazioni


Access control made with automatic bars is often a necessity, both for rest areas and for campsites and tourist villages. Kit Automazioni draws its origins from a family business founded in the 1970s and today presents itself as a company specialized in the selection and resale of high quality automation products.

The access solutions have opening controlled by coded remote controls, buttons mounted on the wall or on a special column, key or combination opening selectors. Alternatively, the opening of the electromechanical barrier can be automatic in the presence of vehicles (with geomagnetic sensors or photocells that detect the arrival of a motorhome or car), perhaps only at certain times.

The electronic control unit of the barrier can have a calendar/date window to manage automatic opening and closing in certain periods, such as during the afternoon hours when the “silence rule” is in force or at night. To easily manage these regulations, the CN3-BT control unit can automatically block the barrier. Of course, security personnel can always operate the automatic barrier with coded remote controls or other devices.

If the structure has a particularly wide access passage, the systems proposed by Kit Automazioni can be composed of 2 opposing bars that work in synchrony with each other, creating an access control that can even exceed a width of 10 meters. All the automations for campsites can be equipped with additional photocells to increase safety, geomagnetic sensors for the detection of vehicles and to signal the green light or block status with greater visibility.

In addition, it is possible to install LED traffic lights connected to the digital control units, capable of managing courtesy lights, flashing signal lights, traffic lights and so on. For installations where carrying the current can be complicated, solar and battery operation can also be envisaged.

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