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Centro Studi TCI – The desire for holidays and the desire for the sea are growing in Italy


For 9 years, the Centro Studi of the TCI (Touring Club Italiano) has created the Vacation Observatory. At the beginning of June, by probing a community of over 300,000 people, data from over 3,000 questionnaires were collected. Desire for a holiday and preference for seaside resorts are the main data that emerged. Speaking about camping, the share of people oriented to this form of travel has increased just a little, but the concern about possible risks in open-air accommodation facilities has reduced.

The percentage of people who declared themselves ready to go on vacation between June and September has increased from 81% last year to 91% today, while the perceived risk by spending their holidays in camping, on a scale from 1 to 5, fell from 3.2 to 2.8. Most Italians, as already predicted by other sources, intend to stay within their borders: if in 2019 41% had spent their holidays abroad, this percentage dropped to 6% last year and will not go over 9% this summer.

Beach destinations make up the lion’s share: 42% in 2019, 46% last year, 51% today. The cities of art suffer the most, like 12 months ago. The percentage of those who will use the motorhome is stable (9%) and that of those who will go to the campsite slightly uphill (from 9 to 10%).

The complete study is available on this page of the Touring Club Italiano website.

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