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Positive season also in Italy: according to Faita, campsites grew by 8% compared to 2019


After the first, positive analyzes of the French and Spanish markets, those from Italy also arrive. According to Faita-FederCamping, the main federation of the sector, if the current trend is confirmed also for September,this year the arrivals in Italian campsites and tourist villages will reach 10.7 million, for a total of 73 million presences. Foreign guests accounted for 57% of the total.

This data was revealed by a survey among companies, which showed that in the first four months of the 2022 tourist season, the 2,650 companies in the sector recorded increases of 8% in terms of arrivals and 7% in terms of presences compared to season 2019, taken as the pre-Covid reference year.

The foreigners are back

Compared to 2021, the results were 17% better, but it must be taken into account that last season was still heavily influenced by the sharp decrease in foreign guests due to the restrictions linked to the pandemic. In particular, this year the presence of guests from Germany and Austria has returned, which together with Danes, Dutch, Swiss, Czechs and Poles accounted for over 75% of arrivals from abroad. The period of stay has slightly lengthened, going from 6.8 days on average recorded in 2019 to almost 7.

According to Faita-Federcamping, even in Italy, turnover has not grown proportionally, and margins have significantly decreased due to the growth in energy costs (+300% for gas and up to +400% for electricity). A factor that risks heavily affecting the entire sector together with the scarcity of manpower which this year has reached critical dimensions.

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