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Tourism, Germany prepares to remove travel restrictions for vaccinated people


Remove restrictions for all vaccinated people, including travel restrictions. This is the goal of an amendment to the regulation prepared by the German government, which should see the light this week and thanks to which German citizens will only have to present the immunization certificate to travel, instead of a negative test for Corona. The German government hopes that the new provisions will be ratified by the Bundestag (German federal parliament, photo: Wikipedia, Steffen Prößdorf) and the Bundesrat (federal council) between Thursday and Friday.

In this way, German tourists will no longer have to be quarantined when they return to Germany after a holiday, unless they come from an area considered to be at risk. “The restrictions should be lifted when the risk is gone,” German government spokesman Steffen Seibert said, referring to studies indicating that vaccinated people are far less likely to become seriously ill and even transmit the virus. “Therefore the goal is to restore to as many citizens as possible their fundamental rights once they are immunized, since the risk deriving from Covid-19 will decrease for them and for society as a whole”, reiterates Seibert.

Jens Spahn, the German Health Minister, announced that, in addition to medical and vaccination centers, pharmacies will also be able to issue the digital vaccination certificate, which should arrive in the summer. Therefore, to prove that you are vaccinated, it will not be enough to hand over a card, but the digital version on the mobile phone must also be presented.

Freedom to go on vacation

Fritz Joussen, managing director of TUI (Tourism Union International), a group representing the German tourism industry, expressed his satisfaction: “It is correct to restore freedom to vaccinated people who do not represent a risk for the spread of the virus. and they do not contribute to overloading the health system. In the summer 2021 it will be possible to go on vacation to Germany and southern Europe”.

All that remains is to wait for the final approval, but in the meantime, we can rejoice because at least part of the Germans will begin to go on vacation abroad again. And we know that Italy is among the favorite destinations. So do not miss our webinar “German tourists in Italian campsites: strategies and advice”, which will take place today at 17:00, in which some important exponents of German tourism will intervene who will be able to provide you with useful advice on the matter.

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