CampingVillage.Travel is the most innovative promotional portal for en plein air tourism.

The reason for the CampingVillage.Travel success is simple: we study the tourist’s evolution and constantly modify our portal, so that language, content and navigation put their search preferences at the center.

The portal was created and designed by Riccardo Viroli, together with the TITANKA group!, and combines Riccardo's direct experience, as deputy director in an en plein air accomodation facility of one of the most important groups in Italy today, with the 20 years of know-how and specialization in tourism of the Titanka Group! (96 professionals, 13 departments used for 4,000 customers throughout Italy).

This is how we have become what we are today: not a web service provider, but a partner who understands the peculiarities of your accomodation facility and sales and supports you to make marketing actions as effective as possible in a sector where evolution is daily.

Since 2018 we have been carrying out the CampingVillage.Travel In-Training path: training contents, presentations, information, advice and useful ideas for entrepreneurs and open-air tourism managers who wish to sell more and better.

CampingVillage.Travel has been completely designed according to the wishes and needs of tourists, interviewed to understand how they organize their holidays and how they choose online the perfect accommodation for them.

Since it went online in 2012, CampingVillage.Travel has become one of the leading portals for the promotion of Campsites and Villages throughout Italy. The innovation and the importance given to the tourist search methods has meant that today it has unique characteristics, such as the thematic areas by type of accomodation facility or the elimination of advertising banners - an important choice made in 2018.

The main objective is to intercept the specific target for each accomodation facility and reach new contacts to make them customers.

CampingVillage.Travel has become a network with the birth of: the first and - today - the only portal entirely dedicated to the promotion of pet friendly villages and campsites.

Best.CampingVillage.Travel: born to intercept requests from innovative channels. : for the tourist promotion of accomodation facility and attractions in the Gargano area.

For years, we have been working day by day, side by side, with over 640 Campsites and Villages from all over Italy to help them sell more and better.
Together with the professionals of the TITANKA! Group, of which CampingVillage.Travel is a part, we support them starting from their needs up to the creation of their direct marketing strategy, to then pursue it with specific actions and providing the necessary tools to gain new customers.

Here is what our Group - TITANKA !, Social Più and CampingVillage.Travel - can do for your Camping Village:

  • Develop your web project
  • Offer you professional tools to sell more and better
  • Manage your campaigns on Google
  • Create targeted strategies and campaigns on social networks
  • Generate more booking requests and increase your turnover
  • Communicate in an immediate and personal way with your customers through Mr PRENO, a CRM system
  • Advice and training for the marketing and sales of your Camping Village
  • CampingVillage.Travel
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