We make camping academic. It took a lot of effort to develop the European Master's program "Sustainable Campground Management" according to the requirements of the EU-Erasmus program.

The course of study, which can be taken from 2022, is aimed at people who already have a Bachelor's degree and want to qualify for management tasks in camping resorts in the Master's program. The course of study is conducted in English. Three universities are cooperating - the tourism faculties of the University of Rijeka (Croatia), Breda (Netherlands) and Girona (Catalonia), where students have to complete one semester each. This means that the students get to know three particularly important camping countries of Europe with their different accents at first hand while still at university. The fourth and final semester is designed as an internship semester and takes place at a LeadingCamping. Here the students also write their final thesis on a practice-oriented topic, which they work on locally.

As the name of the program suggests, special attention is paid to sustainable business management. Since the statutory purpose of the association "The Leading Camping and Caravaning Parks of Europe e.V." is to improve the public image of camping, it is a matter of the heart for us to be able to participate in the academization of the management teams. Questions about enrolment in the new course will be answered by the leading Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management of the University of Rijeka.

The LeadingCampings is a marketing association of independent top vacation resorts in Europe. Legal form: Registered association, registered office in Germany (Düsseldorf).

  • "most prestigious group" of European camping - documented by international prizes and awards. No competitor has more of them.
  • "most experienced group" of European outdoor tourism - several members already 65 years or older and thus more experienced than Club Méditerranée and comparable providers.
  • "most advanced group" of European individual tourism - regionally singular sports, entertainment and service novelties such as lagoon outdoor pools with sand bottom/beach or amphitheaters, Olympic experience indoor pools.
  • "most ecological group" of European camping - certifications according to ISO 14.001, Ecocamping, Manifesto Ambientale Veneto, EMAS, EU Ecolabel etc.
  • "most powerful group" of the European top camping - founding year 1994, currently 36 members, about 9.5 million overnight stays per year and about 2,000 employees throughout Europe.
  • "most successful group" Europe-wide there are about 25,000 campsites relevant to tourism. LeadingCampings have a share of only 1.5 per mille, but take 2.5% of the total European camping overnight stays.
  • "most international group" Active in 11 countries. Intercontinental think tank work as corporate member of PathFinder OutDoor Destinations (AUS / CDN), co-initiator European Master "Sustainable Campground Management" (Erasmus+ program, first launch of an academic course for management functions in camping).

    In the camping world of Europe we have a unique quality system. LeadingCampings employs Mystery Guests. These are experienced and trained quality testers who visit campsites incognito. If possible, every LeadingCamping is audited in rotation every three years. Every candidate that wants to become a LeadingCamping is checked according to the six-eyes-principle. And finally, the Leading Campings quality manager travels from site to site. He is an ambassador of the Leading Quality idea. Look out for our eye-catching Malibu Leading Quality camper. Wherever you see the vehicle, you can be sure we are working to enhance vacation success! LeadingCamping can become whoever is the best in his region - taking into account country-specific differences in standard. Of course, it is obvious that not every LeadingCamping can do everything equally well, but we are sure that there is something at every LeadingCamping that you will not find at other campsites or not in the quality offered. Our group conducts centralized staff training sessions every year. When the owners meet twice a year, one campsite at a time presents a best practice example to the others. Because we always have our finger on the pulse of trends, we counter developments early on with offers. For a vacation without compromise. This also applies to our tried-and-tested hygiene concepts. They are among the best in the camping world in Europe.

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    The Leading Camping and Caravaning Parks of Europe e.V.
    Kettelerstr. 26
    40597 Düsseldorf
    Email: info@leadingcampings.com
    Web: www.leadingcampings.com


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