Vittorio Dall’Aglio – Assocamp

The RV dealers, although someone remained opened as a workshop, privileged the aspect of health and for about two months the work basically stopped. Vittorio Dall'Aglio, Assocamp's outgoing president, explains it in an interview that will be published in a few weeks on issue 4 of the Camper Professional magazine. And he adds: “Of course almost two months of closures have not passed without leaving a mark: in terms of sales volumes and turnover, we lost about 30 percent. On the rental side, we talk about 40-45 percent, because what is lost is lost, and in the closing period we were unable to take advantage of the various Italian bank holiday periods (around April 25th and May 1st) and Easter time".
In recent weeks, there has been an increase in the demand for second-hand and rental and, according to the president, many dealers are increasing the fleet of vehicles intended for rental: an operation not an end in itself, but preparatory for the sale. There is some fear from some people, or perhaps even a little "nuisance", in returning to the classic hotel holidays with lunch or dinner at the restaurant, due to the many restrictions to avoid a second epidemic wave.But there has been, and still continues, an interest of new people in motorhomes, who guarantee, as Dall'Aglio points out, “safety and independence: a place of our own, with which to move whenever you want and stop where and when you wish". For those approaching recreational vehicles for the first time, renting a motorhome or buying one used, are excellent test benches.

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