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Wi-Fi Hotel: network connections designed “ad hoc” for every structure


Digital devices, especially smartphones, are now part of our life. And calls are only a small part of their use because these devices are essential for using social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok), messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, for the Internet, for e-mail and so on. This is why it is important for an accommodation facility to be able to offer a good connection, via Wi-Fi, free or for a fee. It is an fundamental service that customers are sure to appreciate.

The Italian company Nexis, with 15 years of experience and thousands of systems built and certifications from all major hardware manufacturers, is able to respond to any need related to Internet access in areas open to the public. Through its Wi-Fi Hotel platform, it supplies, installs, and guarantees the maintenance of “Wi-Fi hotspot” systems for any type of accommodation facility.

Quick installation

A complete installation takes on average less than a day. Using the latest generation Wi-Fi and wired technologies, the Wi-Fi Hotel staff can set up and operate a complete wireless infrastructure in a very short time and without inconvenience for both customers and the hotel.

To achieve this result, the installation of each system is preceded by the drafting of a complete technical specification, which is created by evaluating the floor plans of the structure and possibly carrying out “on-site” inspections and survey. In this way it is possible to identify and prepare in detail all the interventions necessary to make the system activable and allow guests to surf the Internet in the shortest possible time.

Total coverage

The Wi-Fi Hotel systems are designed to ensure widespread coverage of the signal in all areas of the structure, both internal (restaurant, bungalow, mobile home, etc.) and external (pitches). The design phase of the network infrastructure allows to identify the best arrangement and configuration of the equipment for each individual structure.

Each system is assembled to produce the best possible connectivity performance, according to specific needs. In addition, the hardware used is the result of a continuous selection between the equipment of the most important brands.

Technical assistance and support

The professional technical assistance of Wi-Fi Hotel is characterized by different levels of service, which can be chosen by the accommodation according to your needs. From basic support (available during weekday working hours) to top assistance (active 24/7), the company remotely monitors each Wi-Fi Hotel system in real time, reporting any malfunctions and intervening in the event of a breakdown.

In addition, if required, it can carry out “on-site” interventions for inspections before installation and take care of the training of the staff of the structure who will have to manage the system.

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