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CamperClean, ten years of success: from cleaning and disposal systems to access control


CamperClean, a German company focused in wastewater disposal systems, is celebrating its tenth anniversary. The initial idea for an automatic cleaning station for toilet cassettes came to Ralf Tebartz, co-owner with his brother Peter, during a camping trip in 2007. Surprised by the inadequacy of the manual disposal systems of the chemical toilets, together with Peter he started working to design a technical solution to this problem.

After checking the profitability potential of the idea and the prototypes performance, in 2008 the company started the development of an “automated cleaning station”, and two years later the CamperClean brand was officially born. The patent for the automatic cleaning system was registered and in 2012 MikroGreen, a sanitary concentrate completely free of chemicals, ecological and based on the action of microorganisms, was launched. In 2013, after six years of design, test and construction of the commercial network, CamperClean is ready to introduce the first fully automatic disposal system for chemical toilets on the market. In just one year, 25 stations are installed in Germany.

CamperClean won the “ADAC Camping Award 2014”,

In 2014, CamperClean won the German “ADAC Camping Award 2014”, and the following year opened in Europe sales agencies, establishing commercial partnerships in the Netherlands, Croatia, Norway, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Denmark. At the end of the year, CamperClean is present in eight countries with over 40 stations.

In 2016 the company started a collaboration with the English company CPES (Caravan Park Electrical Services), market leader in Great Britain for camping equipment, which began to develop and produce high quality technological components exclusively for CamperClean. The commercial network is growing further and at the end of the year there are over 100 stations scattered throughout Europe. The first customers in Switzerland, Austria and Italy joined the CamperClean family in 2017, while in 2018 it was Sweden’s turn. Today there are 325 stations in Europe.

Not just cleaning and disposal systems

But CamperClean’s activity is not limited to the toilet cassette cleaning system. In 2018 was also presented an integrated system for gray and black water disposal, which includes the washing system for cassettes of all sizes. CamperClean also offers access barrier systems, check-in and out technologies, systems for bathrooms and showers management and accounting programs.

In this particular and difficult historical moment at a global level, CamperClean is reacting with prudence by carefully monitoring investments in research, certain that it can be competitive and solid at the end of the health crisis. The CamperClean disposal station, in fact, is part of those safety, prevention and sanitation technologies that will be, without any doubt, the protagonists in European campsites when they will reopen to the public.

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