Loek Van De Loo is the first in the ADAC Hall of Fame


A new success and a great satisfaction for Loek Van De Loo: the entrepreneur of Dutch origins is the first ever to be included in the ADAC Hall of Fame. The award ceremony was held last weekend in Stuttgart, on the occasion of the CMT, one of the most important tourism fairs in Europe.


In the photo with his wife Chicca


For this first appointment of the Hall of Fame, ADAC could not have chosen a better figure: for over thirty years working in the world of open air tourism, Van De Loo has founded leading companies in the European market, such as Vacanceselect, Selectcamp, Tendi and Camp to Relax, in addition to some campsites and above all: glamping, a phenomenon of which Van De Loo himself was among the first to grasp the potential economic implication. Everything else is history: the Vacanceselect group now generates an annual turnover of over 60 million euros every year.


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