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ADAC Camping Gala – 2021 Camping Awards assigned and a new entry into the Hall of Fame celebrated


On the occasion of the ADAC Camping Gala, which was held last night for the first time virtually, the winners of the ADAC Camping Awards 2021, the most important European award in the camping sector, were announced. Our congratulations go to ADAC because it managed, in this difficult situation, to organize this important event flawlessly. With great confidence in the future, the presentation of the ADAC Camping Awards 2022 has already been planned for January 2022, as a live event, during the ADAC Camping Gala at the CMT in Stuttgart.

The ADAC Camping Awards are something like the accolade of the camping industry for the award-winning camping companies”, explains Uwe Frers, CEO of ADAC Camping. “The award categories represent four important metatrends, we are looking for the trendsetters of the industry”. Candidates competed in the fields of sustainability and environmental awareness, innovation and progress, demographic change and accessibility as well as online marketing and digitalisation. An international commission of 40 camping experts had chosen the winners from hundreds of suggestions from the camping industry. Candidates competed in the areas of sustainability and environmental awareness, innovation and progress, demographic change and accessibility, as well as online marketing and digitization.

The winner in the “Sustainability and Environmental Awareness” category is the French campsite Camping le Paradis. “People want a different, sustainable and environmentally friendly form of tourism,” commented Henning Scholtz, RAL’s head of Environmental Labeling and responsible for the EU Ecolabel. Camping plays an important role in this area. In describing the merits of Camping le Paradis, Scholtz emphasized green-oriented choices and exemplary water management. “In addition to the careful and economical use of natural resources the entire campsite team is continuously trained to act in an environmentally conscious manner and is committed to meeting these environmental and quality standards every day”.

More information about Camping Le Paradis in Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère can be found on PiNCAMP, the ADAC online portal. The other candidates in the “Sustainability and Environmental Awareness” category were the German campsite Wirthshof and Camping de Wildhoeve in the Netherlands.

The winner in the “Innovation and Progress” category is the Ferienparadies Natterer See. This Austrian campsite – located near the quiet town of Natters, not far from the Tyrolean capital Innsbruck – convinced the jury with its very innovative accommodation concepts. “At this very special location, we have succeeded in combining innovative architecture and a creative utilisation concept with an impressive panorama”: this is how famous trend researcher and futurologist Eike Wenzel motivated the decision in favor of the Ferienparadies Natterer See.

Further information can always be found on PiNCAMP. Also competing were Camping Huttopia de Roos, located in the Netherlands, and Marina di Venezia Camping located in Italy.

On the podium for the “Demographic Change and Accessibility” category the Portuguese Parque Cerdeira. Roberto Vitali, founder and CEO of the Village for All organization, is a recognized expert in the field of demographic changes and accessibility in tourism. With his organization he supports tourism companies and, in particular, the camping industry, as part of “sustainably generate more profits by opening up your offer to all target groups”. In his speech for the campsite, Vitali praised the concept, praised the Portuguese people’s natural approach to the camping-for-all concept: “At Parque Cerdeira, all areas and activities on and off the campsite are made accessible to visitors and guests of all ages, with or without disabilities.

More information can be found on the dedicated page on PiNCAMP. Other nominations in the category went to Eurocamping Zedano and 50plus Campingpark Fisching, both in Germany.

In the “Online Marketing and Digitalization” category, the Aminess Maravea Camping Resort in Croatia won. Oliver Grützner, Head of Tourism & Leisure at Touring Club Switzerland, underlined the enormous importance of digitization and the possibility of online booking in opening new distribution channels and in addressing new target groups. As part of his speech, Grützner praised the use of social media in the online marketing mix of the Aminess Maravea Camping Resort. The manager, in highlighting the many user-friendly digital features, such as the online booking of restaurants or fitness courses and excursions, commented that this is a real added value for camping guests. The multilingual online booking system for pitches and rental accommodation also convinced the jury.

More details can be found on PiNCAMP. The finalists in the category were the German Camping- und Ferienpark Wulfener Hals and the Spanish Alannia Resort Els Prats.

The highlight of the gala evening was the entry into the Hall of Fame of Anton Harms, longtime president of BVCD, the Federal Association of German Camping. Italian-Dutch entrepreneur Loek van de Loo, who entered the Hall of Fame last year, in his introductory speech underlined the unifying personality and foresight of the longtime CEO of the Alfsee Ferien- und Erlebnispark: “After all, he is a man who has decisively influenced and accompanied the development of camping in his home country and in Europe. A man who was and is always interested in developing the market together with others – including competitors,” commented van de Loo, who paid a special tribute to Harms’ commitment to politics and to his services during his long and fruitful mandate as president of the BVCD.

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