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CampingVillage.Travel, March 2021: 31.2% of Italian tourists will go on vacation as soon as they can


This year also, as has been the case since 2018, CampingVillage.Travel has created a survey to get to know better tourists from the open-air world. In the first four hours of the online publication of the survey, 500 responses were received. From the beginning, clear and interesting data emerged, which is worth sharing to give those who work in this sector the opportunity to plan their strategies, especially in a year like this! Here then a preview of the answers to the five questions of the survey, on which it is important to reflect:

1. How likely are you to go on vacation in 2021?

24.1% of tourists will certainly travel in the summer of 2021. Only 0.6% said they will not go on vacation this year (please note that the data are partial and referred to the responses of the first four hours). The remaining answers are divided between “unlikely” (20.9%) and “very likely” (54.4%): these are the tourists on whom it is necessary to work best. Although their decisions will largely depend on the situation we are experiencing, it is important to use all the tools to make the holidays dream and to reassure tourists about the precautions that each camping village is taking for a safe stay. Let us remember that 78.5% said they strongly want to go on vacation!

2. When do you think you will go on vacation?

In answering this question, respondents had the possibility to indicate more than one preference if their intention was to organize more holidays during the year. Each tourist indicated an average of 1.58 preferences. In fact, only 22% gave a single answer. This means that 78% intend to take more than one vacation in 2021. Regarding the period, the data shows that:

  • 31.2% of tourists will travel as soon as possible
  • 17.8% would like to travel for weekends and spring bridges
  • 37.6% will travel in the summer, but choose the “low season” periods

It therefore becomes important to study the proposals of stay to show to these tourists. To understand how and when to do this, the following questions give important indications.

3. When will you start planning your vacation?

2.8% of respondents state that they have already booked their holiday. This data could refer to those tourists who every year remain “loyal” to a structure, or to those who have felt sufficiently safe to confirm their stay (each camping village already has confirmed reservations to date). The majority (61.1%) replied that they are currently “standing still” waiting for the general situation to become clearer.

The most interesting data is therefore what refers to 36.1% of tourists who are currently looking for ideas and solutions for their holidays. If users are looking for a camping village it is important at this time to activate and keep up to date all possible channels to be found. Staying still can cause you to lose unique opportunities to intercept new customers. If someone hasn’t done it yet, then it’s time to highlight your camping village in the eyes of tourists.

4. Where did you look for/will you look for inspiration for your next vacation?

To intercept tourists, it is essential to know which channels they use for their searches. Having this information, moreover in real time, can help a lot, which is why the question was included in the survey. A 79.4% preference for “online searches” stands out. This means that most people search online for holiday inspiration. The main channel is Google, but it should be remembered that Facebook is currently the second most used search engine in the world.

The results that appear for these searches are many and different, which is why the ideal would be to preside over multiple channels to appear as often as possible. The site of a camping village – or the main sales showcase – must be SEO optimized to appear among the organic results in targeted searches. However, there are two aspects that are worth considering in such a complex season:

  • the ability to activate (for those who have not already done so) paid campaigns to appear among the first results in the most targeted searches, primarily on Google and Facebook
  • the importance of being present on “aggregator” channels that can represent a camping village in the eyes of a large number of tourists. This is the role of promotion portals (such as CampingVillage.Travel), which – if innovative and well structured – can intercept the specific target to lead them to discover the structures and contact them directly.

5. How would you like to be informed about news/offers from your favorite camping village?

With these answers, the tourists themselves told how to create direct contact. Each interviewee expressed an average of 1.36 preferences. This data tells us that to win over a customer, a single instrument is not enough, but the best thing is to mix several channels. The data on which is best to exploit emerged from the responses of tourists:

  • 55.3% indicate newsletters
  • 23.6% social networks
  • 24.6% Whatsapp

In order to intercept new customers, it is therefore important to better manage these channels. These data are only a small part – which CampingVillage.Travel wanted to share in preview – of a broader market survey they are carrying out these days. At the end, all the answers will be collected in a complete report, which can be requested by all the structures of tourism en plein air by sending a request via email to

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