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France, 15 government commitments to boost employment of seasonal workers


France is addressing the issue of the lack of seasonal workers in the tourism sector by adopting a roadmap based on three key areas: orientation, accommodation, and training. The intervention – planned for the period 2023-2025 – has been developed in collaboration between the French Government and the tourism industry, increasingly concerned about the difficulties in recruiting workers, especially with the approach of the Paris Olympic Games.

The roadmap is divided into 15 commitments with the aim of enabling every seasonal worker to make a living from their work, find suitable accommodation, and receive training.

Training and job search

As part of the strategy implemented by the French Government, the Week dedicated to tourism professions will play an increasingly important role, becoming a fixed appointment. The initiative, now in its second edition, takes place through a series of events organized throughout the country with the aim of attracting young people to the tourism sector, showing them career and training opportunities.

Other important points include: increasing the number of seasonal services offices that assist seasonal workers in various aspects of their personal, administrative, and professional lives (from job and housing searches to mobility solutions), and promoting meetings to inform them about employment or training solutions available during the “off-season”.

Pôle Emploi is also involved, through the “Immersion facilitée” platform, which allows companies to welcome potential candidates and give them the opportunity to discover the reality of a profession, its daily life, its advantages, and its requirements. Candidates wishing to work in the bar, hotel, and restaurant sector can also use the “” website. Employers can consult this CV database to offer vacant positions to candidates and find their next seasonal workers.

Another goal is to increase “complementary” contracts to retain seasonal workers throughout the year. For this reason, the French Government will develop local partnerships with, for example, companies in the restaurant sector, which may be interested in using the skills of seasonal workers complementarily who become available during the tourist season. Additionally, nearly 10 million has been allocated for the training of seasonal workers.

Housing search

Often, housing search is a problem that discourages seasonal workers. To address this and make the search for reasonably priced accommodation easier and faster, the Government has considered various solutions. Among these, the digital platform “mes aides” – active since June 2023 – which includes rental accommodation offers available for seasonal workers in public, voluntary, or social housing.

Furthermore, the government has committed, on the one hand, to open 1,300 university rooms for rent in major university cities near the main tourist destinations; and, on the other hand, to encourage, through favorable tax arrangements, private owners to rent or sublet one or more rooms of their main residence as furnished accommodation.

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