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Sequoiasoft: in March the positive trend of the French market continues, with bookings on the rise


Online reservations up by 48.3%, turnover up by 32.9%, average spending down by 1%. These are the numbers of the French market highlighted in March by Sequoiasoft, which constantly analyzes 652 open-air accommodation facilities. The company is in fact a renowned supplier of specialized management software and its periodic surveys give a representative indication of the trend of the sector in France.

As is the case in all major European markets, here too the majority of campers are of national origin: 79%, a figure that is in any case down from 89% a year ago. In particular, Germans and Dutch (both 6%), Belgians (4%), Spaniards (3%) and British (2%) reappear on the French market. The weight of pitches is growing compared to housing, which went from 8% a year ago to 10% in March 2022.

March results continue in the wake of a very positive trend recorded by Sequoiasoft since October. For the period October 1st – March 31st, the company recorded an overall +76% in online bookings compared to the previous season and +71.1% in terms of turnover. In this context, however, it should be emphasized that the average length of stay is still decreasing (from 8.26 days on average to 7.86 for accommodation and from 11.30 9.64 for pitches).

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