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IRM announces Waterproof, the first mobile home that resists flooding


Bio Habitat, a company of the Beneteau Group, received the SETT d’OR 2021 award, a recognition for innovation awarded at the last Salon SETT in Montpellier. The innovative award-winning solution is Waterproof, the first mobile home capable of withstanding flooding up to one meter in height.

The climatic conditions, especially the increasing number of floods caused by heavy rains, are a major concern of campers in areas considered “at risk”. As an official partner of the FNHPA (French Federation of Open Air Tourist-Receptive Complexes), BHI/IRM has conceived and tested this mobile home on a full scale which, in addition to resisting flooding up to one meter above the floor level, maintains the usual functions of use.

To do this, water-resistant materials were used in the Waterproof, such as painted wooden flooring, marine plywood walls, low kitchen cabinets in lacquered galvanized steel, polypropylene chairs and sofa, water-repellent bulkheads and so on.

In addition, the installation of some elements has been moved in height, such as the heating with radiant panels placed on the ceiling, the electrical equipment positioned at a height of more than one meter, the refrigerator placed on the worktop, the wall units and so on. Finally, the insulation of the walls with honeycomb panels was introduced, the glass wool was eliminated, and the floor does not retain water.

Here are all the features:

  1. Stabilized triple thickness wooden floor covered with a protective varnish
  2. Marine grade wall plywood
  3. Water repellent dividers with waterproof layered coating
  4. Low metal kitchen cabinets
  5. Polypropylene chairs and sofa
  6. Metal bedside tables
  7. Vinyl upholstery
  8. Hanging cabinets in the bedrooms and in the bathroom
  9. Ceiling heating system with radiant panels (2x350W)
  10. Electrical equipment (sockets, switches) located 115 cm from the floor
  11. Refrigerator positioned above the worktop
  12. Thermal bubble wall insulation and 42 mm chamber
  13. Elimination of glass wool from the floor in order to avoid water stagnation

On the IRM YouTube page you can see the video in which the immersion test of the innovative Waterproof mobile home is carried out.

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